Shiloh Animal Express specialises in pet and animal relocation.

Shiloh Animal Express is a perfect integration of deep affection and professionalism towards dogs, cats and horses (and the occasional exotic animals too). With over two decades of experience in handling animals, we are the experts when it comes to international pet and animal travel and relocation. As of today, we collaborate and operate with major airlines to transport and relocate animals worldwide on a door-to-door basis.

Exporting your pets is not an easy task and can get complicated. From acquiring health certificates to ensuring that your pet has enough water during the flight, Shiloh Animal Express makes the process easier for you and your pet – right from the pre-departure and acceptance all the way to the arrival and delivery.

While animal welfare and safety are our top most priorities, Shiloh Animal Express also ensures that the often-complex requirements of regulatory authorities are met to avoid unnecessary delays at any point and we will guides you about documentation, container requirements and other IATA Regulations.

We take great pride in what we do. Shiloh Animal Express has relocated countless number of live animals including dogs, cats and the world’s finest horses. We adhere strictly to IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR) to ensure that all animals are given the best treatment. All animals that are being transported are constantly supervised for their utmost safety, comfort and welfare.

With our immense love for animals, your pet is in absolute care with Shiloh Animal Express.

  • 24/7 telephone availability and assistance only while your pets are travelling
  • Worldwide network of professional overseas personnel
  • Documentation Specialists for all administrative requirements
  • Expert handlers for live animals
  • Expedited ground transport
  • Relocation specialists for non-Rabies and Rabies free destinations
  • (Hawaii, Guam, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom)
  • Years of experience working with overseas authorities for permit applications
  • Use of only USDA, ATA and IATA* approved crates

*All our flight kennels/containers adhere strictly to both United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Animal Transportation Association (ATA) and International Animal Transport Association (IATA) requirements.