Shiloh Animal Express – Real Time Tracking With Lufthansa flights

Do you want to know where your pets are in real time? We provide real time solution on land and in flight.

Imagine you feeling anxiety kick in. Imagine wishing to know your pets’ exact whereabouts throughout the entire transportation chain.

There is a solution.

Together with Lufthansa Cargo, we can provide Real Time Tracking of your pets. With Real Time Tracking, we offer you a complete tracking service from the moment your pet(s) leave your premises. You will be able to know where your pet is with unparalleled precision down to a few hundred meters in real time? This can now be done with our all-in-one Real Time Tracking package. Our service covers the logistics prior to and after the shipment process as well as information transmitted onto your email or mobile device.

To find out more, ask your Pet Move Specialist about Real Time Tracking.