Transporting a horse across the globe does not need to be stressful for either you or your horse. It is important to ensure that your horse(s) get comfortable during their travel. With Shiloh Animal Express, we put your horse(s) welfare and safety as our utmost priorities.

Horses travel across the world on main deck freighter aircraft, which are airplanes that have an all-cargo configuration and only carry goods for transportation. As such, these airplanes are specially customized for such purposes.

Prior to the flight, horses are loaded into specially designed containers known as aircraft stalls or air stables. Each of these containers can accommodate up to three horses comfortably. Some owners are often willing to pay extra to ship a horse in “a stall and a half” which then allows even more room and breathing space for the horse to stretch out during the flight.

Our specially trained horses’ attendants will accompany them into the airplane. They are highly qualified equine experts who are familiar with airplane safety and protocols as well as extensive veterinary knowledge. Once the horses are safely in their respective stalls, the stalls will be lifted on a hydraulic elevator and rolled onto the main deck. The deck of the airplane is specially constructed with a roller-bed system whereby each stall will be able to roll into a specific position based on weight and balance considerations. To avoid unwanted shifts and movements as well as the possibility of dislodging, the stalls will then be secured in place with floor locks. In order to expedite their trip, horses are usually the last to be loaded onto the main deck, so that they can be at the farthest end of the deck, nearer to the opening, to ensure that they will be the first to be off loaded.

While in the air, Shiloh Animal Express takes pride in ensuring that the horses they transport are kept comfortable. The temperature of the cabin is carefully controlled to maintain and cool the horses’ temperature, preventing them from perspiring as well as to provide a suitable and comfortable environment. In addition, the attendants will allow the horses to stretch their heads down every hour to clear their airways. Water buckets are also offered to the horses at regular intervals to ensure that they remain hydrated; these water buckets would not be left in the stalls, as they will get in the way if there were to be any trouble or turbulence. Furthermore, the horses will have access to hay throughout the flight and sometimes, hard feed will be presented at regular intervals depending on the horse’s management. If possible, light damping of the horse’s forage should be encouraged, as it will help reduce the dust level within the plane’s environment.

It is important to note that hard food and forage are not allowed to enter the import destination. As such, any left uneaten will be destroyed rather than disposed upon arrival.

At Shiloh Animal Express, we take pride in ensuring your horses safety and comfort.