Exporting your pets is not an easy task and can get complicated.

Shiloh Animal Express is dedicated to make the pet air and relocation process easier for you and your pet.

  • Vaccinate your pet with up-to-date vaccinations (Rabies vaccine and Kennel cough vaccine).
  • Check if the country/state you are relocating your pet to has any restrictions on the types of animals allowed for importation.
  • Start crate training for your pet.
  • Know the entire pet air and relocation process:
    • Preparation > Departures > (Transit, if any) > Arrivals


Every client will be assigned a Pet Move Specialist who will work closely with you throughout your entire pet’s air and relocation process.

We will try our best to adhere to your relocation schedule to ensure that the entire process proceeds without any hiccups.

We will handle all the following:

PLANNING the most suitable flight for your pet and yourself

  • Detailed research on all the travel options for your pet

EXPERT handling

  • Advice and answers to any of your questions throughout your pet’s relocation process
  • Teaching you what to look out for regarding your pet’s relocation such as overseas import regulations and quarantine requirements
  • CUSTOMISABLE air travel and/or relocation package
  • Plan a certain pet air travel and/or relocation package

ASSISTANCE in permit application

  • Complete assistance for permit applications for countries such as (and not limited to) the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand
  • CITES permits for importation or exportation of any CITES animal

VETERINARY CARE from top-notch veterinarians

  • Consultative services with veterinarians
  • Blood sampling for Rabies antibody determinations
  • Blood sampling for specific tests^ (e.g. South Africa, Australia, New Zealand etc)
  • Necessary vaccinations based on your pets’ protocol requirements^


  • Issuing of proper pet health certificate(s) from our veterinarians conveniently located island-wide to certify if your pet is fit for travel

Your Pet Move Specialists will also inform you of your pets’ protocol requirements.

Special note for U.S. citizens:

Your pet’s moving expenses are tax deductible when filing for Income Tax in the calendar year of your move and relocation.

Consult our Pet Move Specialists for more details.

Shiloh Animal Express is a perfect integration of deep affection and professionalism towards dogs, cats and horses.

To find out more about shipping your pet, e-mail us for a chat.

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