Shiloh Animal Express will be there with your pet before he/she boards his/her flight. Our aim is to ensure that smoothest and most comfortable flight for your pet. Most of the time, especially if your pet is travelling for the first time, he/she would not know what is happening. As such, we will be there to provide the comfort and soothe your pet before take-off. Also, we encourage our clients to have customisable flight kennels to increase the comfort level of their pet.

CUSTOMISABLE flight kennels*

  • Custom-made and comfortable flight kennels are available for order for giant dog breeds^
  • Plastic kennels based on specific measurements^

PREPARATION for departure at airport

  • Ensuring your pet has sufficient water through his/her flight
  • Final checks on flight kennels

REST AND RELAX during transit (only for long-haul trips)

  • Your pet will be removed from his/her crate, fed and watered
  • Trained professionals to provide rest stops on long haul trips, long transfer times or trips with overnight stops
  • Cleaning of travelling crate/kennel

*All our flight kennels/containers adhere strictly to both United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Animal Transportation Association (ATA) and International Animal Transport Association (IATA) requirements.

On Travelling Kennel

We can supply plastic kennels or tailor made wooden crates depending on your personal requirements and destination. You need to provide us with the measurement: